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Beautify Yourself by Eating These 5 Food Items

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According to an old saying it is said that “True beauty comes from within”. But there is something to this, experts says “what you eat, what you don’t eat and how much you eat can help you preserve your beauty”. Good quality cream, lotion, mask can accomplish something but it is also necessary to care, clean and nourish your skin from within. Another important thing is not to stick to one food or micro-nutrients. Our body needs numerous varieties of nutrients: Vitamins, Minerals and other ingredients to play harmoniously together. Then on what nutrients doe’s beauty precisely depends? So Beautify Yourself by Eating These 5 Food Items:


Vitamin B: To stay younger

Vitamin B manages our metabolism and upon these depends how much time our body cells need to renew and repair them. They are found abundantly in Wheat, Gram, Oat Flakes and Bananas. Brewer’s yeast is the real bomb. The vital ingredients contained in Brewer’s yeast promotes the regeneration’s of cells as well as the formation of Keratin, a protein that is the main component of Hair, Skin and Fingernails. Brewer’s yeast contributes to naturally attractive Hair, Skin and Fingernails.



Vitamin E: For natural cell protection

Vitamin E is also known as the beauty Vitamin. It protects our body from free redicals, stress and environmental toxins. Free redicals, which arises through Ultra Violet rays damages cells and hasten the body’s aging process. Combination of Vitamin E and unsaturated fats is ideal for protection and beauty effect. 12-14 milligrams of Vitamin E a day can protect unhealthy looking skin. Vitamin E can be found in food like Sunflower Oil, Nuts, Avocados and Wheat Germ.


Carotenoids: To fight against Wrinkles

Carotenoids help in the fight against wrinkles. Too much sun is a skin aging factor. Carotenoids found in Tomatoes, Mangoes and Carrots can help to build up sun protection. Green tea also contains ingredients that have been credited with cell-protecting qualities for a long time.


Zinc: Helps in speedy Healing Process

Zinc speeds up the body’s own healing process. Deficiency in zinc can lead to frequent reddening of skin, itchy spots or may tend towards impunities. The human body metabolizes Zinc from animal food like meat better oysters and beefs and plants products like corn. Zinc is also beneficial to treat inflammation, white spots on the nails and hair loss.



Water: Gives the body a new freshness

Fluid deficiency leads to wrinkled skin and dull hair. Ample amount of fresh vegetables, salad and fruits also keep your skin from appearing slack, dry and chapped. Sufficient amount of fluid, important minerals elements and vitamins, all together will make you cook beautiful and young.


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