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For How Long Should We Exercise??

For many of us, the most pressing question is “For how long should we exercise ”. A new study conducted by the researchers from Canada have found that: 60 seconds of strenuous and intensive exertion produces health benefits similar to 45 Minutes of traditional  moderate workout exercise.



High – Intensity internal training

High – Intensity internal training is a type of workout that consist of an extremely draining but brief burst of exercise. It is essentially a sprint followed by light exercise such as jogging or a little bit of rest than another sprint.  And Finally some more light exercise and so on.


This is a good method of workout for those who don’t have enough time to spare. “These brief burst of intensive exercise are remarkably effective and are very-efficient workout strategy” says Professor Martin Gibala, McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.


Sprint Interval Training (SIT)

Athletes rely on intervals to improve their speed and power, but it is as part of a weekly training programme that includes less-intensive workout. Researches set out to determine how Sprint Interval Training (SIT) as compared to Moderate Intensity Continuous Training (MICT), as recommended in public health indicators, including cardiorespiratory fitness and insulin sensitivity, a measure of how the body regulate over blood sugar. A total of 27 sedentary men were recruited and assigned to perform these weekly sessions of either intensive or moderate training for 12 weeks or to a control group that did not exercise.


The sprint Interval Training (SIT) protocol included three 20 seconds all-out cycle sprint and was found effective for boosting fitness.The workout totalled just 10 Minutes including 2 Minutes warm-up, 3 Minute cool down and 2 Minutes of easy cycling for recovery between hard sprints.


The moderate-intensity continuous training protocol included 45 Minutes of continuous cycling at a moderate pace, plus the same warm-up, and cool down. It also involved five times as much exercise and a fivefold greater time commitment after 12 weeks, the results were remarkably similar in both the SIT and MCIT. People who give excuses like lack of time as a main reason for not being active.


Gibala says “Study shows that an interval based approach can be more efficient, you can get health and fitness benefits comparable to the traditional approach in less time”. He added that climbing a few flight of stairs on your lunch hours can provide a quick and effective workout.




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