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Why Are Indian teenagers dating in Secret?

A recent survey in and around Delhi have opened a new approach towards open relationship in India which is considered a Taboo in India. So what we did was that we approach around thousand students from various students in Delhi universities and other universities in Noida and Greater Noida. What we understand from these survey was that there were some very advance approach towards relationship status in the younger generation than what we used to see from older generation which are mostly depicted in Bollywood movies but the thing was that they could not do it openly so they have been secretly dating for some time. So here are some reason why Indian teenagers are dating in secret:


An Indian couple kisses during a protest against the moral policing on Saturday In New Delhi, India. Protest is a part of ‘Kiss for love’ campaign which was started against moral policing of some right wing organisation in India.

• India religious approach:

As India is mainly filled with Hindus and Muslims they have very strict sets of rules when it comes to open relationship or public display of affection. People in India are very religious and when they feel that the younger generations are affected by the western culture of open relationship they feel threatened. So when they come to know about such relationship the get very furious which can even result in the death of the couple concerned.

• Hindu – Muslim Religious War:

India is home to two very sensitive religions which regards the relationship and marriage to be very sacred so when a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl i.e. vice versa, chose to be together there will be a war between the religious group and they will fight each other. But more importantly the couple will be caught and killed as they have brought shame to their respective religions. Even if the family’s member allows it the society will not hence they become a victim of the society and are left alone with no support from the society.



• Honor killing:

Many couples from ancient times have been persecuted from ancient times which is still prevalent in present society. Honor killing is still prevalent in some part of India like Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar etc. who still follow olden sets of rules regarding the running of the society. Even the political parties and the system support honor killing which make it more difficult to abolish tis honor killing. In some instances panchayat have been seen ordering of raping the women and then killing them together in public so that it remains in public display as to warn the future generation that the same thing will happen to them if they also follow the same path.

• Rise of Strict Organisations:

some organisations have been seen publicly condemning and threatening couple of dire consequences if they have open relation with other religion or other caste as is the case with India. These are very strong recently due to the rise of the Political Parties. So can assume that with the rise of these organisations more couple will be dating in secret than be persecuted nationally.

So yes I can say that due to such reason the Indian teenagers are dating secretly so that they may not become a victim of the society and be hunted and persecuted for their love as live is also very precious to everybody. So please share this MSG to all and let’s remove these evil practices from our country once and for all.

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